Web Downloader

This is a Java program that will parse through a given webpage and download any linked item that matches a given regular expression.

Compile using:
javac webDL.java

And run using:
java webDL webpage regEx

Where webpage is the url of the webpage you want to search and regEx is the regular expression to search for in link names.

For example, the command:
java webDL http://www.google.com/ gif

Will save Google's logo.gif to the saved directory.

The command:
java webDL http://www.babyanimalz.com/ "small.*jpg"

Will save all the thumbnails at Baby Animalz.com to the saved directory.

This program will save any kind of file (jpg, gif, html, avi, mp3, anything) from any webpage.

Note: if java has a problem with connecting to url's, you may have to change your java.policy file to allow this.

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