You can also try the standlone program.

If your browser can't find the picture then the webcam isn't on. If the picture is completely black then you may have to wait a few seconds for the webcam to activate.

The picture is setup to refresh every 3 seconds. The webcam is only on when the computer that's hosting it is on, which is only when I'm home. If you don't see a picture then either the webcam isn't on or your connection isn't fast enough. If your connection isn't fast enough, and the picture refreshes before your computer has a chance to download it, then the image may never come up. Try this instead.

How to host your own webcam

Step 1: Make sure your webcam is connected right and working.

Step 2: Get a webcam image server program. I use WebCam2000. It's easy to use and free.

Step 3: Setup the server program with whatever settings you want. Enable the server and specify a port to output the picture to (WebCam2000 defaults to port 8080).

Step 4: Go to http://yourip:portnumber (e.g. ) and make sure your webcam image shows up how you want it. Now, you can stop here if you're satisfied, or you can get fancy and continue to Step 5.

Step 5: Instead of viewing the image directly, you can put it in a webpage and have it auto refresh. Copy the source code for this webpage to a text editor. Replace the first two instances of my webcam server ip with your own. Save this to your machine and open the file in a web browser. Check that it displays your image and updates it correctly. You can change the refresh rate in the "setTimeout" function as indicated by the comment in the source code. Do whatever you want with the rest of the page.

Step 6: Does your webcam server not have a static IP? Neither does mine. You can auto-update the ip every time your computer starts with some simple scripts.

Download this zip file and extract it.

Download and install Perl. For me, Windows has a problem with how the Perl installer changes the Path environment variable. To fix the problem, I just had to move the changes that the installer makes to the end of the Path instead of at the beginning.

Edit giveIP.bat and change ftpServerName to the name of your ftp server.

Edit giveIP_ftp.txt and change user and password to your user name and password. Here's one bad thing about this method, you need to put your name and password in a text file. If anyone has a better way of doing this let me know.

Put a shortcut to giveIP.bat in your Startup folder so that every time your computer starts up the current IP is written to webcam.php and uploaded to the ftp server.

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