Best Foods

I have been very critical of food in my life and, as a result, there have only been a handful of times when I have eaten something that was truly amazing to my taste buds. When I encounter such meals I recognize that they are special and sometimes they even change me in some way. Of course not everyone will say the same thing. The time, the place, the cook, and my personal taste bud condition all played a part to make my experience. If I have these meals repeatedly I will probably not experience the same thing. In fact, several of these meals I have had multiple times and the experience was never as good as the first.

Well, I decided to write them all down so I wouldn't forget. So here they are in no particular order:

  • Atlantic Fish, Boston, MA - Swordfish steak, grilled, with lemon. It takes a long time to cook, but it is well worth it.
  • Central Kitchen, Cambridge, MA - Jumbo shrimp on ice.
  • Shino Express, Boston, MA - Plain white sushi rice with sesame seeds. Sadly, they only serve brown rice now.
  • Some random waffle truck, Brussels, Belgium - A plain waffle fresh from the waffle iron.
  • Het Dagelijks Brood, Antwerpen, Belgium - Real hot chocolate, served with a small piece of dark chocolate.
  • Some random juice bar, Salalah, Oman - Fresh pomegranate juice.
  • Chez Hanna, Paris, France - A regular falafel sandwich served in an open pita with a fork. The self proclaimed "Best falafel in the world".
  • Some random bar, Montreal, Canada - Boréal Blanche draft.
  • Lizzy's, Cambridge, MA - Charles River Crunch ice cream in a waffle cone.
  • My apartment, Bremen, Germany - My roommate Malte made Gourmet Nudeln Bandnudeln gewalzt pasta with Unsere Blitzrezepte sauce.
  • Near Valldal, Norway - Strawberries.

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