Hex Turn

This Flash program is an interactive version of Erich Friedman's Hex Turn Puzzle concept.

Rules : Starting at the center tile, find a path through the board that passes through each colored tile exactly once. The current position is marked by a large grey hexagon. The path can go straight through any tile, however, it can only turn gently (angle greater than 90deg) in yellow tiles and it can only turn sharply (angle less than 90deg) in orange tiles. At every position the next valid moves are marked by a small grey hexagon. Each of the 20 levels has a unique solution.

For example, here's the solution for the first level. In this example, the path turns sharply through the orange tile and it turns gently through all of the yellow tiles.

Here's the solution for the second level. In this example, the path turns sharply or goes straight through the orange tiles and it turns gently through all of the yellow tiles.


  • Left-click on a tile that is marked with a small grey hexagon to move.


  • Click the "Reset" button or use the 'r' or 'Home' keys to reset the board.
  • Click the "Undo" button or use the 'u', 'BackSpace' or 'Delete' keys to undo your last move.
  • Type in a number or click the up and down arrows on the level indicator or use the 'Page Up' and 'Page Down' keys to change levels.
  • Click the speaker icon or use the 'm' key to toggle the sound on/off.

The program also has a built in random map generator. Click the "Random" tab to bring up the random map generator options. Choose the size of the board with the up and down arrows. Choose the number of white tiles to include with the slider. Check the checkbox if you want to use the entire board. If this isn't checked it will not use the corner tiles. Click "Generate" to start generating the map. While it's working you can click "Stop" at any time to stop the generator and return back to the map you left off at. If the generator finds a map it will put it up on the game board and sound a chime. You can then play with the generated map. To return to the standard levels, click the "Game" tab and change the level.

The larger maps take MUCH longer to generate. This is why I've only included 1 of the size 9 maps in the standard levels (this is level 20). If anyone generates a size 9 map please send me a screen shot of it and I'll consider making it one of the standard levels.

Flash source code can be found here.

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