The idea for this game came from the classic game of Pipe Dream. The idea is to connect "fuse" pieces so that the ember will travel as far as possible. Unlike Pipe Dream, the ember will split at fuse junctions and will traverse each path at the original rate, just like a real fuse.

Sorry that it runs kind of slowly. I may come back to it at some point and polish it up.

Rules : Points earned are directly proportional to the amount of fuse burned. The goal of each level is to get enough points to match the "Level Score". "Pieces Left" indicates the number of pieces you have left for the given level. Each level is harder than the next because the "Level Score" will increase and at some levels the speed of the embers will increase. At the same time, the starting value of "Pieces Left" increases with each level.

You can place a piece over a tile that already has a piece on it, whether that piece has already been burned or not. However, you cannot place a piece over a tile that has an ember on it. If you place a piece on an already occupied tile, then you must wait 1 second before you are allowed to place another piece.

If an ember runs out of fuse to burn it will be go out. The game is over when all embers go out.

  • Left-click on a square to place the current piece.
  • Use the 'r' key to reset the board or just click on the "Game Over" screen.
  • Click the speaker icon to toggle the sound on/off.
  • Select a piece from the tray by:
    • Left-click on a piece in the tray.

    • OR
    • Press '1' to select the top piece.
    • Press '2' to select the middle piece.
    • Press '3' to select the bottom piece.

    • OR
    • Up arrow to move the piece selector up.
    • Down arrow to move the piece selector down.

Flash source code can be found here. This is one of my first programs, so the code is not very efficient nor is it well organized.

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