Color Mazes

This Flash program is an interactive version of Erich Friedman's Color Mazes concept.

Rules : Move from start ('S') to finish ('F') passing through an equal number of squares of each (non-white) color. For each move, you can only move horizontally or vertically by one square. The side pannel lists the colors you've already visited. Notice that the white squares are not listed because they don't count. Each of the 52 levels has a unique solution.

For example, here's the solution for the first level. In this example, the path goes through 2 of each non-white color.

  • Left-click on a square to move.

  • OR

  • Up arrow or 'e' will move up.
  • Down arrow or 'd' will move down.
  • Left arrow or 's' will move left.
  • Right arrow or 'f' will move right.

  • Click the "Reset" button or use the 'r' or 'Home' keys to reset the board.
  • Click the "Undo" button or use the 'u', 'BackSpace' or 'Delete' keys to undo your last move.
  • Type in a number or click the up and down arrows on the level indicator or use the 'Page Up' and 'Page Down' keys to change levels.
  • Click the speaker icon or use the 'm' or '*' keys to toggle the sound on/off.

Flash source code and Java code to generate and solve levels can be found here.

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