NEW!!! Close or Far - Fill in grid so some symbol pairs are closer together than others.

NEW!!! Chess Pack - Pack chess pieces into the grid so successive chess moves return make a loop.

Tricky Tripple - Fill in grid so all sets of three symbols follow a rule.

Latin Square - Shade squares in a grid following rules.

Symmetry Puzzle - Make a symmetric grid of shapes.

Gap Puzzle - Shade squares in a grid following rules.

Hex Turn - Traverse a board with a given set of turning rules.

Color Mazes - Go from start to finish by passing through the same number of each color.

Rubik's Plane - Rubik's Cube on a plane.

Explodix - Pipe Dream with a twist.

Extended Y - The games of Y, Hex, nested Y and nested Hex.

Rec The Square - Board game where two players take turns covering the board until there are no more moves left.

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