Last Month

Christmas time is always a busy time full of parties and meeting people, which is about all I did for a few weeks. After I found out that in fact my rib was not broken (it just hurt a lot), I spent Christmas at Stefanie's parent's place and ate goose. Then I worked a few days before leaving to Detroit with Stefanie. Our flight landed an hour early, but any time we gained was quickly lost again getting through customs.

The current policy is for all foreigners to get their picture and finger prints taken at the border. Well, the machine didn't like Stefanie very much because it said that her prints matched with someone who had been to jail in the past. Apparently this was a problem, since she spent the next half hour in the back room while they checked her prints manually, all the while keeping her in the dark about what was happening. Eventually they decided that she was in fact not a terrorist and we had the pleasure of entering the country.

During the week and a half we were in the Detroit area we had a complete schedule. We celebrated new years with my friends, had a second Christmas with my family, saw a play downtown, had our baby shower, went shopping a few times, went to Frankenmuth to laugh at how "Michigan's Little Bavaria" is their selling point but in fact the town has nothing to do with the real Bavaria, the girls had a spa day, my friends threw me a bachelor party, and a whole lot more.

The bachelor party was a total nerd fest, and the most fun I've had in a long time. First, we played whirly ball, which, in my opinion, is the best game ever invented, as long as you don't take it seriously. Then we went to the arcade, had wings and beer, and ended up playing laser tag against some Justin Bieber look-alikes. I guess there was a convention in town. We lost.

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