Beach Weekend Sardinia

There were cheap plane tickets to Sardinia, so Stefanie and I took a long weekend trip. Little did we know that face-melting, egg-frying, even-cracking-the-car-window-won't-save-your-dog heat was awaiting us. Note to self: don't go south during the summer. We actually didn't plan on this being a beach vacation, but it was so hot that other than sitting in the air conditioned car, there wasn't much else we wanted to do but go swimming. Normally I don't like to sit on the beach every day, but I was very glad to cool off in the clear Mediterranean waters.

Luckily we didn't spend the whole 4 days on the beach; otherwise I would have died of boredom instead of the heat. We spent a day driving on the panorama packed coast and another in the mountains. We toured some of the ancient monuments like the ruins of Tharros and sa Ena 'e Thomes. We ate lots of mozzarella, olives, tomatoes, pasta and pizza. We watched the last two world cup games. We were going to go hiking too, in spite of the heat, but Stefanie stepped on something in the water during the first minute of the first swim. After that she couldn't walk too much without being in pain and she still has a fairly large bruise on the sole of her foot.

We saw a lot of the natural landscape that Sardinia has to offer, but we saw almost none of the culture. It was summer and of course tourist season, so almost everywhere we went was covered in tourism. It was hard to see through this mess. However, there were small pockets of cultural insight that we encountered: a man herding sheep on bicycle; old men meeting at their favorite spots for their mid morning chats and sits; local restaurants in every little town, all advertising that they also serve pizza; the occasional topless woman sun bathing on the beach. All of which added to the experience, but I still feel like we missed out on the real Sardinia.

My next few trips include a day in Amsterdam to meet a friend, a possible long weekend in München and Salzberg, followed by another short trip to Amsterdam to meet my Aunt.

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