New England is Old England

My Christmas present to Stefanie last year was a book and a long weekend trip during the summer. She's a weirdo. She likes to go on relaxing, sunny vacations. So I picked the southern coast of England for her, mostly. First, I thought that it should have relatively nice weather and second because there is lots of stuff to see.

During the 4 days there we ended up driving quite a lot more than anticipated. Fortunately we got really lucky with the weather. Unfortunately everyone else got really lucky with the weather too. There were so many cars on the road trying to get to the coast and a huge music festival. So a lot more time was spent driving than we would have liked and we had to skip a few sights because we couldn't make good time. But, we saw lots of cool stuff and got lots of sun.

One thing that I noticed on the trip is how similar this area is to New England in the North East US. Not only are almost all the names of the cities exactly the same, but the coastal cities have very similar culture. If you were walking down the boardwalk on the beach of one of the larger cities, and you for some reason didn't know what country you were in, you would have a hard time figuring out if you were in Portsmouth, England or somewhere near Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They have the same types of beaches, beachside carnival games, pirate adventure put-put, ice cream stands and huge whales in bikinis. The biggest difference is that in Old England they eat fish and chips and in New England they eat lobster and fries.

There's not much more to say about the trip. We saw lots of cool coast line, a couple of hill figures including the Cerne Abbas giant and his giant penis, Stonehenge, and the England vs. Germany world cup soccer game (Germany won). Oh, and we did play pirate put-put and Stefanie won a free game by getting a hole in one on this impossible hole.

Next up is long weekend in Sardinia in two weeks.

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